Sunday, September 26, 2010

10 meals in 1 hour = :-) Mama

Life gets crazier and crazier and time shorter and shorter.  This is the mantra of Mama's everywhere, big or small.

This morning instead of slurping coffee in front of "Sunday Morning" as is one of my favorite things to do in all of the world, I got up and got moving. 

This week our local supermarket had a good deal on ground chuck, so I purchased about ten pounds, planning to of course, divide it and freeze it for later.  But then I remembered how I used to cook it first, so dinner was only ever minutes away...then I thought, why just freeze the "naked" ground beef?  Why not spend a couple of minutes now and safe them for when they really count, at the end of a really hectic day?

I browned onions, garlic and added a pound of sausage, two pounds of ground beef, two jars of sauce and various pureed veggies = Three Meals of Spaghetti and Meat Sauce

Three of the pounds of ground beef went into sloppy joes (Little Mouth Favorite)and another four pounds made taco meat that will some day be enchiladas, tacos or combined with other ingredients to make a casserole or Mexican Dip. 

These might not be the most "gourmet" of all the meals I've posted, but they are things the Little Mouths will eat with nary a complaint, are hot and satisfying and easy ways to sneak in those "veggies in disguise" and that makes them healthy. 

Having them done ahead of time makes coming home a welcome end to a hectic day, and not just an extension of it. 

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