Sunday, August 5, 2012

Skipping Stones

This summer the Little Mouths and I experienced a lot of firsts.

It's the first summer we've ever spent together.
The Littlest Little Mouth ate a strawberry.
The Biggest Little Mouth learned to sew, and her pillow went to our State Fair.
We went on the world's longest road trip and had a wonderful time.
The Littlest Little Mouth Skipped a rock EIGHT times.
The Biggest Little Mouth skipped more days than that of rolling her eyes at me.
It seems funny, but when I worked at a day job, summer was just an inconvenience.  It pushed my normally hectic schedule to the breaking point. It was a juggling act to say the least.
Even our family vacation didn't bring much relief, because I was in charge of that too, sole cruise director of our little ship, rapidly taking on water.

But this summer blessed us with a change of pace. Slower mornings and later nights. Lots of activity, to be sure, but hour upon hour to spend with my kiddos. Playing with them, making things with them, reading to them or just hanging out. Once again a summer day lasts forever and is something to be treasured and not wished away.
I am thankful for all of our blessings, but I have a special bucket of gratitude for the unanswered prayer that gave me this glorious summer.
Oh, and I have a first to celebrate as well. It's the first summer I'll be sad when school starts...;)

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