Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Blogging isn't Sissies!

My name is Big Mama and I'm a terrible blogger.

Admitting a problems is the first step in fixing it, right?

While it doesn't seem so, I dearly love my little corner of the internet. I've thought about unpublishing BMLMs as to me it's sad to see all of the abandoned blogs all over the internet, once so full of promise, now just set out to the curb like last weeks newspapers.

But I love to read my old blog entries and remember the great times with the Little Mouths. I use my blog as my own personal online recipe book, love to think about blog posts I want to writer, love the the kick my other writing gets when I'm blogging regularly...but I seem to stink at ACTUALLY writing blog posts.  But I don't want to pull the plug, because were still here, the Little Mouths and I. And I think I still have something to say.

So this year for my 4th of July resolution (hey, maybe it will work out better than my New Years resolutions) I, Big Mama, do solemnly swear to blog at LEAST once a week until the end of the year.

There. I've put it in writing...smack me if I don't actually DO it.


Big Mama

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